• A space specifically designed to respond to the needs of young people.
  • An open service, without exception, to all young people without appointment.
  • Information on a wide variety of topics, using varied media.
  • Practical information, pluralistic, accurate and regularly updated.
  • Personalized attention, respecting confidentiality and open to their demands.
  • At the individual level: All those young people who want to know about any generic aspect related to the issues that have previously been developed.
  • At the collective level: All associations and non-profit youth organizations in the community, as well as all those voluntary and professional resources that direct their action mainly in favor of the youth group.
  • New youth groups: It also informs and guides those young people who are in the process of defining and establishing new youth organizations.


  1. Address the information needs of young people in Castilla y León.
  2. To be a place of integral reference in which young people find as much information and documentation as advice, personalized attention and answer to any matter related to the different areas of their life.
  3. To advise technically on topics of general interest and entities with responsibility for youth groups, youth associations, socio-cultural associations, leisure time educational groups, educational centers, etc.
  4. Detect and analyze the needs of young users specifying the route of action to follow to offer the most appropriate responses to their needs.
  5. Obtain a comprehensive documentary base that covers all the information that is generated.
  6. Enable exchanges of information with other sources.
  7. Process, analyze and computerize the documentation that is received in order to be easily accessible, consulted and updated for young users.



  • For personal consultation, directly at the Center.
  • By phone.
  • By email.
  • Through the CONTACTAR section of the Web.